A Rising Sun: The Wonder Of It All

The wonder of a rising sun...

On Monday morning this week, I walked into my bedroom to collect my mobile phone near the bedside and I saw that the room was bathed in orange light. I naturally looked out of the window and caught my breath! Quickly I ran out of the room to get my camera in the living room downstairs. One mad woman hah? and all of this running around for what? Yeah, for what?

Went back up again and promised myself not to miss yet another beautiful opportunity to capture one of nature’s beauties. I drew the white lace curtains and stared at the sun. It was like looking at an egg yolk only that this one was brighter and bigger. My camera went click, click, click  and for about 15 minutes or so I just stared – what an awesome sight.

I am fascinated with rising sun and setting sun. There is something about these natural phenomena that is unexplainable. All I can say is that these sightings never fail to warm my heart. Such magical moments. Sometimes I feel my camera can capture my mood just by the angle of the photo I’ve taken or the colours that have so vividly aroused my imagination.

Through the haze of the morning, the sun rose in the distance and sat on a throne of its own. My eyes bathed in its brilliance, and my mind occupied with the wonder of it all.

Author: islandmeri

Life is a journey which I enjoy. Here I share my passion for helping others, music, ideas, inspiring things, and interesting places and people. It's my cool hangout.

2 thoughts on “A Rising Sun: The Wonder Of It All”

  1. Mari, absolutely love your blog on Michael’s London tour. He’s a great ambassador for PNG. We’d love to talk to him about his London tour. I also love the pix from around the city and suburbs .. freezing Christmas yay! Thanks for all that.

    1. Hi Pearson,

      Thank you for your compliments. I am so glad you liked the post on Mel’s performance. Yes, agree 150% he is a great ambassador for PNG contemporary arts. I’m glad you’d like to talk to him. He is the Pro-VC (Academic & Development) for Goroka Uni.

      Have a great week and once again all the best for 2010.


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