“Felicia” Weakens But Pohoiki Got Some Cool Waves!

Wait a minute, who are “Felicia” and Pohoiki? You may well ask. “Felicia” was the forecasted tropical storm that was advancing towards the Hawaiian Islands and Pohoiki a worldclass surfing spot on the Big Island Hawaii. According to recent reports it has weakened so the islands avoided an onslaught of a tropical storm. This is very good news and a great relief no doubt to many in the Islands.

I was following the Mayor of Honolulu’s tweets on Twitter who was giving updates on the status of ‘Felicia’ who he just said has fizzled out. But he has warned his constituents to stay alert as it is still the hurricane season in ‘paradise’. Land of the graceful Hula, fish and poi, awesome pali, the luau, Kona coffee, noni, muumuu, poke, Waikiki Beach, active volcanoes, Don Ho, aloha and many, many more wonderful experiences.

Some have found a way to challenge the challenger: mortal man versus the might or then might of ‘Felicia’ by going out to sea to meet the surf at Pohoiki on the Big Island of Hawaii…ugh!

A brave surfer heading out to the waves – Photo courtesy of Anna’s blog post: ‘Surfing “Felicia” at Pohoiki’  at  http://sudnlyaware.wordpress.com

 Pohoiki has very high traffic of serious surfers and surfing enthusiasts. For more information on Pohoiki and surf events the official site is http://pohoikisurf.com. It is a really cool site – yeah for me da URL only!

A surfer on the waves – Photo courtesy of Anna’s blog post: ‘Surfing “Felicia” at Pohoiki’ at  http://sudnlyaware.wordpress.com

I am relieved to know that “Felicia” fizzled out, to use the Mayor’s words, when it neared the coast of the Big Island.  I like this story very much so am relating it here and I hope you’ll enjoy it too. A wonderful account almost a narrative of a play as it unfolded. Lovely photos of the coastline and of course the surf.


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