Paula Abdul leaving American Idol?

I came across this news item a few minutes ago on Entertainment Weekly ( through list of blogs. Don’t know what this is about but I did follow American Idol earlier this year and I must say I really enjoyed Paula’s comments. She was always so diplomatic and showed empathy with the contestants. Maybe because she’d been there done that kind of thing. She has so much heart and soul I’m really going to miss her next season as an American Idol follower. It’s not like I know her personally but she was like in my living room on telly Thursday and Friday nights up to the final. I’d come home from work in time to watch the show after dinner. She is so much fun to have on that show (antics with SC not withstanding but it’s all part of the entertainment). I can’t remember all of the memorable lines or phrases she used but she was an excellent judge. She has great taste in clothes and brilliant dress sense! In that respect I’d say she is truly iconic. She has the figure for fashion and she has such exquisite taste in jewellery. She had this really big beautiful ring she had on one of the judging sessions during the elimination process and during one of the sessions one of the contestants (the one who giggled alot) said she really loves Paula. Well, Paula returned the compliment and with it her big beautiful ring. Yes, she gave the ring to the girl. What a big heart! I wish Paula all the best in her next endeavour although I am pretty sure she’ll be around in the music scene for some time yet.  The judging panel for the Idol competition will not be the same without Paula. She has truly been a rock and a pillar for the show, yes and one classy lady too! Power to Paula.

Author: islandmeri

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