CMAG Statement on Fiji

I was at the press conference yesterday, a bush journalist! It was a very long wait from the meeting which started at 10.00am in the morning and the whole process including the press conference finished at about 6.00pm. I hung around to meet Minister Sam Abal, Minister for Foreign Affairs & Trade. I was also curious as to what the conditions, if any were laid down for Fiji. The big question: to fully suspend or not to fully suspend. If you’ve been following my tweets you would have gone to the Commonwealth Secretariat’s website from my blog to hear the Statement being read by the Deputy Secretary General, Mrs Masire-Mwamba. The CMAG is short for the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group and comprises nine member states which includes PNG. The Chair of the CMAG is Malaysia. This video presentation comes to us from the Commonwealth Secretariat, and the full text of the Statement can be found on the Secretariat’s website at:

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